A need to Feed

I would like to think that every human in this world who is financially able would have the desire to help the animal kingdom survive. After all it has been proven that the love of a pet extends the life of its owner.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact there are some humans who are incredibly cruel.

Helping animals in distress is what this blog is all about. I have twelve wonderful stories to tell here, on my blog, of animals I have taken in. Mostly Cats, a dog, one squirrel and a possum or two. I have a tender heart and cannot pass up a starving or sick animal. My companion calls it a Need to Feed.

I am not a vegan by no means, for I do understand the need for people to eat, but the unnecesary slaughter of wild game for sport is morbid. The injury of household pets to satisfy some distorted craving to watch animals suffer should be met with much tougher animal cruelty laws and punishment.

I believe if each person (who can spare the money) picked up one stray and had it spayed or neutered the overpopulation of ferrel cats and dogs would become more and more manageable. Overpopulation is what leads to such violence against animals in many cases. I know only to well how much damage a litter of homeless dogs and cats can do. People get frutrated and do bad things to free themselves of the problem. A much better way is to help spay or neuter. It stops all the additional animals. It also prevents animals from coming into this world to starve, get sick and die. Life is much harder for them. In helping a stray you might just find you an furry soul mate.


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